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There are several cattle Shelters & Gaushalas across the country that have been providing shelter to a large number of animals. It is a tedious task to run animal shelters, especially a sustainable one. Many owners fall short in understanding and running an optimal cattle shelter due to lack of awareness and means. This is where CIF provides Cattle Shelter consultancy, on a need-base manner, to implement competent guidelines and run the shelter better, thus improving the welfare of the animals.

Saving Native Breed is one of the prime motto and heart beat of Catlle India Foundation. CIF continuously takes full effort in identifying the shelters and farners who are growing Native breeds.

Utmost care regarding the food, lodging and health treatment of the animals is to be observed. It is strenuously advised that the cows,sheeps,Goats,Polutry's, bulls, calves and sick animals are kept in separate stalls, and the scrub bulls are castrated by a certified vet. All the animals must be given equal importance, as far as the upkeep, feeding and everyday care is concerned.

The products made from cow dung and cow urine have several purposes and benefits. For instance, cow dung can be used in bio gas plant; the slurry can be sold to farmers to use as manure in agriculture and other gardening practices. Cow urine can be used in phenyl production and pest-repellent products, while dung log can be used for cremation which would also save trees. Uplas for cooking in a mud chulha and performing Havans, dung bricks for mud huts, incense sticks, even tiles and paper, can be made of cow dung. CIF helps create many products using these materials.

CIF also encourages shelters to conduct events and workshops every year, with speakers from across the country and around the world, to spread awareness about the benefits from cows for human health, agriculture and organic agriculture. Rangoli events, cooking competitions, paintings and recitation programs are also encouraged at varied platforms like schools and colleges to raise awareness .

Cattle at Sunrise

Guidelines For Shelter

Objectives & Functions

  • Rescue and Treatment Activities

  • Provide shelter to homeless animals roaming on the streets, thus strengthening domestic animal  protection in India.

  • Rescue of injured and sick animals and provide treatment and medical care.

  • Routine vaccination for animals against various diseases to control and eradicate infectious diseases.

Health Aid

CIF  supports varied non-profit animal shelters in need-based capacities to provide vital resources (material and monetary) that help serve the animals better. Genuine Shelters are regularly identified and are supported according to the need of the hour.

CIF has coordinated and facilitated with a reputed corporate to donate and  to help provide better medical services for animal welfare.

CIF also extends its Medical support activities to individual farmers and cattle owners


 Many Shelters in Tamilnadu are supported by CIF in several proportions, often by providing essential medicines and food to the cattle, and helping them run their shelters in times of insufficient funds.

Several well-established flour mills owners and other Agricultural based industries have also been connected to the nearest Shelters that regularly receive 10/20 bags of bran, offering immense support to the respective shelters. The mills’ owners make a solemn contribution to the Shelters and help improve the living condition of the cows.

Awareness Camps

As important as it is to enhance the study on Saving Native Breeds, cattle health and milk production, It also takes just a few small acts on our side to take care of these animals. There are several programs hosted by CIF to make people, villages & communities aware of the various ways to take care of stranded cows and other animals and birds. Marked days, like the Earth Day, Environment Day, Gopashtami, Janamashtami, Animal Welfare Week etc, are especially important to the organisation and the cause, where birds and animals play a major role in maintaining the balance of nature whilst being an integral part of it.


At various platforms, awareness is passionately imparted on how easy steps like putting out bowls of water outside homes, on balconies and terraces, for birds to quench their thirst especially during hot summer days, are some of the actions that go a long way. Waste management is also advocated to community members where they are urged to keep the fruit and vegetable peels separate, which can be directly fed to the Cattle.

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