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Bee keeping

Back to Nature

We’re deeply rooted in preserving our environment and have an unrivalled passion for producing intensely flavoured raw honey.The mission is to promote ethical Agricultural practices, to give back to nature by regenerating natural habitats and restoring biodiversity.

Our farm’s strict organic process ensures we share the finest natural, raw honey to call your own. Our mission is to share raw, natural, and sustainable products. Through our products, we aim to raise awareness for environmental issues, inspire ethical practices, and give back to nature.

Giving back to Nature

At CIF, giving back to nature is one of our core values.


When we’re not tending to our hives or packaging our fresh honey to deliver to you, we’re planting flowers and plants in our local area.

 We want to encourage wildlife to thrive, and to create beautiful communal spaces that can be enjoyed by humans and animals alike.

Sustainable Practices

When it comes to sustainability at Bee Organic, we’ve thought about everything. Our production process has been carefully planned to ensure minimal impact on the environment – and to keep our bees happy.We only work with suppliers who have eco-friendly credentials of their own, operate on ethical principles, and share the same love for the environment as we do.

Our Commitment

 we are committed to maintaining sustainable, organic production methods. That means that we don’t, and will never use pesticides, herbicides or any other harmful chemicals.


Scientific studies have repeatedly shown the harm that industrial insecticides and herbicides can do to bee populations, which is why we keep things simple and natural.

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