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The Foundation aims at reintegrating the concept of 'Eco Village' and lead the nation towards a self-sustained, healthy and holistic lifestyle. Championing animal welfare, creating ayurvedic, Panchgavya & Eco Friendly, Organic products, protecting the environment, and empowering the women hailing from disadvantaged communities through training workshops, are the pillars of Cattle India Foundation.

Image by Stijn te Strake


Cattle India Foundation is an NGO working towards creating a healthy habitat for abandoned and distressed animals across India. Animal welfare, especially the cattle in India, is often overlooked and has become an urgent cause of concern, hence, the CIF guides Gaushalas And other Cattle Farms to incorporate a sustainable model that provides a healthy and safe environment to the animals while inculcating effective management practices.

Furthermore, CIF imparts training on the technical know-how of the Panchgavya products (Sanskrit term, meaning 'a blend of five products obtained from the cow, viz. dung, urine, milk, ghee and curd'), and the skills to profitably market them. The products promote a wholesome living, and create employment opportunities for the shelter staff as well as the disadvantaged women in their communities who manufacture these products. This also addresses the issues of sustainability and dependency;rural income enhancement can help mitigate the problem of migration to cities that has become quite rampant in India.

The marketing and use of Panchgavya products encourage eco-friendly practices by the consumers via usage of non chemical products ,recycled bottles and paper/cloth bags to limit the ecological footprint.

In addition, CIF is in the urge of setting up a new initiative called the Intergrated Eco- Village Farm in the state of Tamilnadu that serves as a natural hub for the domestic animals, as well as a recreational space for the people who are passionate about the environment and animal welfare. Many curated events like pool parties with farm animals and pets etc. are in the pipeline that shall help build a stronger animal-loving community.

The Foundation also setting up a wellness centre , where the centre provides organic food, healthy living and natural treatment for the visitors. Besides having a animal shelter, the centre would also implement a sustainable model of using cattle & Poultry  power and manufacturing herbal and natural Cattle  products. The centre practises organic agriculture as well, and endeavours to provide an immersive, wholesome experience to its visitors

Image by Erik-Jan Leusink


The mission of CATTLE INDIA FOUNDATION is working for animals is to sensitize animal shelters across the country to implement sustainable models that manufacture or market natural (Panchgavya and organic) products, provide a better life for the Cattle and help uplift the disadvantaged communities, thus supporting animal welfare, the environment, the Agriculture, Re-generating Natural Habitats,women empowerment and Restoring Bio-Diversity.

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