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Eco - Village Concept

Image by Dikaseva

Integrated Animal farm

CIF is planning to kick-start a new initiative called the Integrated Animal Petting Farm in Tamilnadu, that serves as a natural hub for the animals, as well as for the people who are passionate about the environment and animal welfare.


This endeavour helps in removing the line segregating the farm, working and food animals from pet animals. Many events like pool parties with farm animals and pets etc are in the pipeline that shall help build a stronger animal-loving community. The exciting experience at the Farm would give an opportunity to many people to spend quality time with the animals in the heart of nature.


The funds raised at such curated events shall help strengthen the cause, and the actions, undertaken by HCF. The cows, as well as the goats, hens and dogs at the Farm, will have a sanctuary to call home where they can roam freely and have healthy meals, along with the bonus of having animal-loving visitors ever-so-often.


After thorough research and understanding, CIF devised a constructive solution to safeguarding the cattle in villages, creating employment opportunities for the village members, and mainly, uplifting the quality of life of the beneficiaries (animals and humans) by implementing a sustainable model. The plan focusses on setting up a shelter in every village that is taken care of by the respective Panchayat, and following are some of the productive, practical and progressive ways that positively impact each village:

  • The cow and bull dung can be used for biogas, compost, pesticide, as a natural and cost-free component, and remove artificial contents to incorporate organic agriculture. The dung is also used in a productive way at the shelter, instead of dirtying the village, thus aligning with the Swachh Bharat campaign.

  • Employ the youth of the village to work at the animal shelters in village, create Panchgavya products (CIF trains team across the country), and market the organic products on various platforms.

  • To Encourage organic farming in villages & communities and to promote their products.

  • Grow various green and dry fodder for cattle in the land available at the shelter.

  • Rainwater harvesting and use of various techniques of irrigation like drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation, for an efficient utilization of water.

  • To Promote Traditional Cultural activities and Skills , there by re-vitalising the gapped cultures.

  • To Educate the Youth of the Villages, the importance of organic farming and to support them to avail various Govt Schemes.

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